Tuesday, January 31, 2006


You know the drill: If it's Tuesday, I'm doing intervals. They were not fun today; in fact they kicked my butt! I got off the trainer, laid down on the floor, and fell asleep! Weird.

Anyway, I also got to make a return trip to the dentist. Not an endurance event this time, as they only had to replace a broken temporary crown. Note to self: Don't eat toffee bars with a temporary crown...

Next week is an 'off' week for me. That means short rides during the week, no intervals, and short rides on the weekend. I do this ever fifth week during my pre-season training. I can feel that I need it right about now, as the trainer session tonight felt harder than it should have. Of course the following week I will be down in Florida for the first race of the season, so I guess the down week is coming at the right time for more than one reason!


Paul said...


If you don't mind me asking, can you give us some info on what you do specifically for your intervals?

Thanks! Paul

Joe Partridge said...


This month, my indoor interval session consists of the following:

15 minute warmup

6 x 30-second 100% effort in my biggest gear, 52x12. I remain seated during this effort. I recover for 4.5 minutes between efforts, which is enough to get my HR back under 120.

15 minute cool-down.

As my training continues, I increase the duration of the interval (to 35, 40 or 45 seconds) and/or the number of intervals (8 or 10 instead of 6).

Outside, I like to warm up as I ride a route to a couple of local hills that are fairly steep and several minutes longs. I stand up at the base of the hill (on my singlespeed) and hammer to the top. There are two hills, and I do each twice, once on the way out and once on the way back.

Endurosnob said...

I did the same thing to a crown last year, but the culprit was Skittles. I wonder if my mouth was trying to tell me something.

Paul said...

That's impressive. Thanks a ton. I hope to start doing intervals within a month.


Wild Pony said...

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