Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weapon but not of choice...

I've been spending more time pounding the pavement than spinning cranks. I did manage a 6:40 mile today; not too shabby for a guy that hates running.

Back on the bike and back to Forrest Park tomorrow, and there are rumors of singlespeed riding this weekend. There are also rumors of XC skiing. I win either way.

Next week it is back to Michigan. Riding? Running? Not sure, but there will be eating.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quick Update

Running shoes were the weapon of choice this week. I might get a ride in this PM, but it is not locked in stone. I need to spin the pedals this week to make up for all the eating I did this weekend and all the eating/drinking/sitting I plan to do next week.

Schedule for next season is taking shape, but slowly. I'm looking for some interesting west coast races; I will try hard to get in Creampuff for sure. Any advice on other 100+ or 12/24 races that are must-do's out here would be welcome.

Oh, I almost forgot; Bike racers + Ugly Sweaters + keg of IPA = a pretty good time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weapons of choice?

During my last ride on the Quiring, I noticed some creaking from the bottom bracket area. Off to the shop for the external bearing removal tool (this make the 3rd bb removal tool I've had to purchase to keep up with Shimano's changing standards...) for a pull-and-lube. My hope is the grease is just in need of a refresh and I don't need new bearings. (I can hear all the wrenches out there laughing. Knock it off, Paddy!)
Anyway, I pulled the crank and bearings and everything looks good! I was surprised at how clear the bb shell is; my concerns about rust were unfounded. That Scotty Q; he builds him a mean bike! Since these mystery creaks can sometimes come from any number of places, I also pulled the seatpost and lubed the the seatube and the bolts on the Thomson.
So what else is going on? I've been lifting and running; both are going well. I've been doing massive body-weight only squat sets; 100 reps per set. Why? Cuz that's how I roll.
Getting ready for another trip back to Michigan for Christmas. My guess is that this will be my last trip back for quite a while. Maybe June for Lumberjack, but maybe not even then. Who knows? Since I will be there for over a week, any offers of a bike to use during the visit will be appreciated. (Hear that Janson and Dan?) You know whoever lends me a bike won't go thirsty at Founder's...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Misery Sticks

Skied up around Mt. Hood today. I don't ski much; I'm sore. Bernie is like a snow gazelle while I am like a snow hippo. It was a good time, even if Bernie spent most of the day waiting for me to catch up. We stopped at a great brewery on the way back and feasted on bar food and Pale Horse IPA. Mmmmmm, gotta love the 'horse.
Not in Michigan anymore.
Weapon of Choice:
You know I'm Sexy; just look at my glasses!
Jacket? Check! Glasses? Check! Skis? Check! Close mouth while breathing? Doh!
The man who made it all possible: Bernie!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday? Forest Park!

Ah, winter. The smell of nasty sweat at the gym. The slosh of wet mud destroying bike parts. That 'not so fresh' funk seeping from the gear bag full of damp cycling shorts. You gotta love it!

I know I shouldn't complain. At least I'm not back in Michigan sweating my hoo-hoos off in Scott Chambers' basement while riding on a trainer and watching bad kung-fu movies. The weather for the ride tonight was 45F and no rain. Lots of water in the park, and I finished the ride pretty much covered with mud. I'm pretty sure that I have killed a set of bearings in my crankset, and I dread pulling my seatpost and bottom bracket because I'm sure it is a rust-fest in there. Steel is real, but ti don't rust. Can I get an Amen?!?

On tap for the weekend: XC skiing with Bernie! Should be a hoot, as I can't ski worth a darn. Bernie claims not to me much of a skier either. Why do I feel like I'm being suckered...? Hopefully I'll follow that up with some singletrack on Sunday. If not, it's back to the Park.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Same ol', same ol'...

Not much to report. I took most of the week off from training. I felt a little under the weather, and the weather helped out by being pretty awful. I got out for three hours on Saturday and felt pretty good.

The Industry 9 rear wheel started to drag quite a bit near the end of the ride, so it went in to the shop today. Fortunately the Hope Pro 2 SS wheel is still ready for action. I've been meaning to set aside the I-9's and save them for race season, so this is a blessing in disguise.

I got my gym membership all squared away last week, so it's time for the lifting to begin. I have big plans; we'll see how they hold up to real life.

No USGP for me; the SS race was pretty early in the AM. I used the time for a training ride and some much needed bike and home maintenance.

With any luck, there will be some singletrack soon. I'll keep you posted!