Monday, November 26, 2007

Kruger Pics

Sorry, none of me w/o the seat...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kruger's Crossing

Ah, cross racing in Portland! I must say, it rocks the house.

I rode in the singlespeed class this week; I am convinced that I no longer want to race on a geared bike. I was doing ok, sitting in 13th place and catching folks when my coverless SLR saddle broke. Well, 'broke' perhaps isn't the best word. 'Shattered' is better. Anyway, I did the last lap-and-a-half standing up. I think I still managed to finish in the top 20. I'll check results later.

I did my first 'training' ride yesterday. Three hours of long steady distance riding. I don't know how long my long rides will be this year, but it was good to get back out on the road. Gym workouts and running start this week as well. Also, I bought a scale. Power-to-weight ration is gonna get worked from both sides this year, baby!

My race schedule for next season is still in flux, but I have decided to focus on west coast races and skip some races I have done before. So, no TI and I am doubtful about Kanza as well. Cascade Creampuff, Breckenridge, Tahoe, singlespeed worlds in Napa and a trip to Wisconsin are on the list, Lumberjack is about 80%, and there is a local 24 in Oregon that I would like to do. I need to get on the details, but it's early.

Plans are under way for an Arkansas spring training trip, a la 2006. I predict broken bikes, bruised bodies and empty beer bottles.

USGP this coming weekend. I might race one day, I might race two days: I'll be happy either way.

Porltand: if ya ain't racing cross, why are you dressed so funny?!?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Midwest Style

So, I'm back in Michigan for a week. Got on the phone to a friend Sunday AM, wanting to get a few beers in the afternoon. He says, "Aren't you doing the 'cross race?" Hmmm, didn't know there was a cross race today. It starts in two hours? You have a bike I can borrow? Heck, why not!

So I borrow a bike and off we go! Not much of a race for me, since I was not in any way prepared for competition. Still, it was a fun time and it was nice to have people cheering for me again. I still don't know enough people in Portland to have much of a cheering section.

After the race it was off to the new smoke-free Founder's Pub. Awesome! Over a few pints, the suggestion was made for some night-time singletrack riding. Well, what the heck! Another borrowed bike, and away we go. It was just like old times; me, Nate, Jansen and Shawn. I rode one of Dan's SS Niner bikes. Of course, that meant I had to run a Dan Jansen gear. Ouch! My knees still hurt.

Sounds like there will be some riding tomorrow as well; and here I thought this would be a rest week! Another ride, and another borrowed bike. This time a geared steel bike from Niner. If you have to borrow a bike, having someone with a Niner sponsorship is not a bad way to go... :)

Looking forward to getting back to Portland. It's cold here. And it looks like I'll be back in time for more cross action!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Oh, what a painful way to spend the afternoon.

The race was an hour long. I treated it like a real race, and went as hard as I could. Others were more casual about the affair. Hence, me placement: 49th out of 74 finishers. I was able to pass most of the costume-wearing, fireworks-launching, beer-in-the-water bottle folks, but I had to be near the end of the people who were actually racing.

I'm not gonna lie to ya; I worked hard out there. Full-on for an hour; I really thought I was going to puke. The bike worked like a charm, although as expected the crank is starting to creak. I switched from the Small Blocks to the old-school Michelin muds with great success.

Sorry, no pictures! Give me a break--I'm out here alone and I was racing. I will say this; no pictures means you don't have to see Barry Wicks in a gold speedo. Consider yourself lucky...


Saturday, November 10, 2007


SSCXWC qualifier was today. The Top 30 from the 1-lap time trial got in; I was somewhere around 80th at 2 minutes back. I thought I was done, but then I learned there was a 2-lap last-chance qualifier. Oh, well. I'm here, I might as well race.

There were 30 or 40 of us still sober enough to find our helmets and shoes for the race. The top 15 would get spots in the Big Show tomorrow. Off we went!

Man, I suck at cross. But I really wanted to get in that race, so I put my head down and went to work.

Final Result: 14th Place! Yeah, baby! This will be my second 'worlds' event. I'm guessing I won't see 3rd Place this time around. It will be cool to toe the start line with some fast folks. I guess some dude named Ryan had the fastest lap...

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still Here...

...but not much to report. The DD-X has been test flown. It is like butter, or like a feather, or a bee, or whatever is super-smooth. I have concerns about the fancy cranks in the SS application over the long haul, but they are fine for now and I have some shiny WI Eno's that can step in if necessary.

Oh, someone at the shop weighed it. Just a hair over 18 lbs dirty, with cages and those not-so-light wheels. I loves me some Slingshot!

Big cross nonsense this weekend that NOTHING will keep me from attending. I have missed way to many races already. This one should be a treat! Expect some pictures and a full report next week.

Looks like I will be back in Michigan for Turkey Day; unexpected but not unwelcome. It'll be nice to see the crew again.