Monday, November 19, 2007

Midwest Style

So, I'm back in Michigan for a week. Got on the phone to a friend Sunday AM, wanting to get a few beers in the afternoon. He says, "Aren't you doing the 'cross race?" Hmmm, didn't know there was a cross race today. It starts in two hours? You have a bike I can borrow? Heck, why not!

So I borrow a bike and off we go! Not much of a race for me, since I was not in any way prepared for competition. Still, it was a fun time and it was nice to have people cheering for me again. I still don't know enough people in Portland to have much of a cheering section.

After the race it was off to the new smoke-free Founder's Pub. Awesome! Over a few pints, the suggestion was made for some night-time singletrack riding. Well, what the heck! Another borrowed bike, and away we go. It was just like old times; me, Nate, Jansen and Shawn. I rode one of Dan's SS Niner bikes. Of course, that meant I had to run a Dan Jansen gear. Ouch! My knees still hurt.

Sounds like there will be some riding tomorrow as well; and here I thought this would be a rest week! Another ride, and another borrowed bike. This time a geared steel bike from Niner. If you have to borrow a bike, having someone with a Niner sponsorship is not a bad way to go... :)

Looking forward to getting back to Portland. It's cold here. And it looks like I'll be back in time for more cross action!

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