Sunday, September 30, 2007

SLC Pic Dump

Read 'em and weep...

Ah, like butter...

What is that white stuff?!?

More of the white stuff and the wet stuff.

Views like this *everywhere*...

The Quiring looking like a million bucks.

Your humble blogger; just to prove I didn't lift the pics from Dirt Rag.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Quick update from the road

Greetings from Salt Lake City!

I was in Lincoln, NE on Wednesday. Hooked up with the Snob for a nice spin and some great pizza and beer at Yaya's. We ran into a whole herd of endurance singlespeeders on the ride; a handful of DK and TI vets, as well as some 'regular' ss-24 racers. A few, including cornbread joined us for dinner. I crashed at the casa de snob. Good times!

Yesterday it was back on the road for 12 hours to get me to SLC. Took today off from driving to do some riding. The trails around SLC are insane! I dropped the Quiring down to 2x1 and still spend quite a bit of time walking. But when I could ride the trials were some of the best I have seen to date. They are very diverse; like rolling the NTC from Michigan in with some of the climbs and descents from Sylamore in Arkansas. And the views; well, they were just crazy. I took a bunch of pictures, and will post them as soon as I reach my final destination and get my computer up and running.

Back on the road tomorrow for another 12 hours. The weather is supposed to turn sour, so that should make the mountains interesting...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

End of an Era

I did the team ride last night. It was a special cyclocross training ride; we went through just about every orchard, two-track, golf cart path, and goat path in Kent County. Aside from a few crashes, a good time was had by all. I was on the Quiring with cross tires. Two other single speeds were on the ride, as well as a handful of 1x9's.

Good times.

We then adjourned to the Farmstead, where tasty beverages were consumed.

As good as the night was, it was also somewhat bittersweet as it was my last Founder's team ride. I have accepted a job in Portland, OR. I start on October 1. I'll ride with the Founder's folks whenever I get the chance, but my days of the regular Tuesday rides are over.

Not much will change on the blog, except hopefully the pictures will display more interesting terrain. Blog updates might be a bit slow as I will be driving out to Portland. I do hope to get a few rides in along the way, and I'll update as time and connectivity permit.

You never know what the future might hold...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cyclocross Season

Must be Cross season!



Joe #3


Joe #1

Smaller group for the first Cross Team Ride of the season. The weather was very fall-like, with cool temps, dark clouds and lots of wind. A mix of dirt roads and pavement was on tap. It was a nice introduction to cross season, or as I like to call it "Did Nate just lap me AGAIN!?!" season.

Post ride refreshments:
Our Team Motto
Shelf of Fame
Spandex Steve and The Farmer joined us post-ride

Good Times! More cross training is on tap. Next week the farmer has some kind of special treat in store for us. I assume I will be hurting...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fancy Frame SOLD!

It goes to a new home on Monday.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fancy Frame for Sale

For Sale:
One brand new, never built-up* custom steel 29" frame from Badger Cycles. $700 + Shipping.
This was supposed to be my team bike for the 2007 season. For a variety of reasons, it got to me too late in the season to do me any good. Also, it does not fit me properly. Long story short, this was not the frame I ordered.
My loss is your gain! This frame retails for $1650. I paid $650 for it on a 'pro-deal' and am throwing in the matching team jersey. The frame did not ship with the slider hardware, so I will have to order that separately and it is included in the price. So, for all my stress and aggravation I added an extra $50 to my cost. This is still the lowest price you will ever see for a brand new, never built-up* Badger Custom frame.
Seat Tube: 18" center to center, 20" center to top
Top Tube: 23" center to center
Weight: a hair under 4.5 lbs
Hydraulic hose guides, NO cable guides. This frame is singlespeed only.
Paragon Sliding Dropouts
The frame is in as-new condition. It will be packed in the box in which it arrived on my doorstep.
*Ok, so I sprayed some T-9 in the seat tube and installed a seat post collar and a brand-new Thompson post so I could clamp it in the bike stand. Both were removed without incident.
Feel free to post any comments or questions you might have. I can take pictures of any part of this bike that might interest you.
Cash only for local pick-up or Paypal.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Slow couple of weeks

Not much on the bike stuff to report. I caught Becky's cold, so I have been off the bike for a bit. Final team road ride this Tuesday, then we switch to cross bikes.

I'm looking into some White Industries ENO Eccentric hubs to build a set of 700c wheels; ss cross, anyone? And maybe some fixed-gear commuting next year.

Oh, as you can see I skipped Shenandoah. I really wanted to go, but it would have been my 3 weekend in a row on the road and with this cold I knew I would get killed out there. So I bagged it and am working on a quick recovery. Or trying anyway. Lots of end-of-summer stuff to do around the house.