Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cyclocross Season

Must be Cross season!



Joe #3


Joe #1

Smaller group for the first Cross Team Ride of the season. The weather was very fall-like, with cool temps, dark clouds and lots of wind. A mix of dirt roads and pavement was on tap. It was a nice introduction to cross season, or as I like to call it "Did Nate just lap me AGAIN!?!" season.

Post ride refreshments:
Our Team Motto
Shelf of Fame
Spandex Steve and The Farmer joined us post-ride

Good Times! More cross training is on tap. Next week the farmer has some kind of special treat in store for us. I assume I will be hurting...


Anonymous said...

I love that Optimo 3 Shawn is riding...mine is sweet!

EXPO Racing said...

Props again @ 24-9.

No SS Cross???