Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still Here...

...but not much to report. The DD-X has been test flown. It is like butter, or like a feather, or a bee, or whatever is super-smooth. I have concerns about the fancy cranks in the SS application over the long haul, but they are fine for now and I have some shiny WI Eno's that can step in if necessary.

Oh, someone at the shop weighed it. Just a hair over 18 lbs dirty, with cages and those not-so-light wheels. I loves me some Slingshot!

Big cross nonsense this weekend that NOTHING will keep me from attending. I have missed way to many races already. This one should be a treat! Expect some pictures and a full report next week.

Looks like I will be back in Michigan for Turkey Day; unexpected but not unwelcome. It'll be nice to see the crew again.

1 comment:

jason said...

yea man those flexy carbon bits are not good. especially if there is an alternative. i am sorry to say i may miss you while you're in town.


i am losing the gears on the mtn bike for the winter. hopefully it takes care of my hill problem. peace.