Sunday, January 21, 2007

The warmest feet EVER!

I went out for about four hours today. It was fairly cold (25F) and snowing quite a bit. There was a fairly large group for this time of year: Me, Danielle, Scott, Amy and Mackenzie. The snow and the wind made for a chilly face, but the big story of the day was my feet. They were the perfect temperature all through the ride. Here is how I achieved this minor miracle:

Warm wool socks from Rivendell,
Lake MXZ301 boots, size 44 (I wear a 42.5 Sidi...)
Size 45 Performance neoprene booties

That's it. No chemical heaters, no plastic bags, no Vaseline. My feet were warm and dry for the entire ride. In the past, strong wind would always cut through the Lake boots. Chemical heaters would do the job, but they tend to run out in less than 4 hours. This new combo is the answer. I think I would have been good even if it was 10 or 15 degrees colder.

Good times...


Steve Kinley said...

I never tried covers over my winter boots, makes sense. FYI the hand warmers last longer than typical foot warmers. A little bulkier but I just tape them to the top of my socks.

Investment Biker said...

Nice! That should keep your feet warm in TI V.3. Remember how cold it was that night in 2005? Hope to see you this summer at Lumberjack 100. -Brett

Joe Partridge said...


No TI for me this year; my wife is graduating from her MBA program that weekend.

I'll be at Lumberjack for sure; look me up after and we can swap stories...

Investment Biker said...

I see from your blog you are planning to do Shenandoah 100. I HIGHLY recomend the race. If I don't make it to Lumberjack I'll see you at the keg at Shenandoah.

Here is my write up from last year: