Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Ball of Hate

No ride last night. I was dressed and ready to go; I only needed to reduce the tension on the return spring for the rear brake on my cross bike. When I last rode that bike, the spring arm kept snapping out from the retention stud, causing the brake pad to aggressively contact the rim. The wheel wouldn't spin freely (or much at all) when this happened. So I figured a quick tension adjustment and I would be on my way.

Not so much.

Somehow I broke the tip of the spring arm off. As a result, the spring arm was just long enough to engage the retention stud UNLESS the brakes were applied. So when I would so my quick 'test spin' of the wheel in the bike stand, it was fine. I happened to grab both brakes as I was loading the bike on the rack. Low and behold, the brakes were broke. And I had five minutes to get on the road if I wanted to make the start of the ride. No dice. Instead, I had a nice, angry run.

No riding tonight. Had a nice dinner with some of Becky's friends. Good times, but now I feel sort of full. I don't think I ate that much even during the holidays.

First race of the season tomorrow. Versluis Snowcross. It doesn't look like there will be any snow, but it is supposed to get cold. The mud should be nice and thick. I got the cross bike all tuned up by Jason at Slingshot; new brake, some new shifter cable and houseing, clean chain and tightened chainrings. Geared bikes are a pain, but Jason takes the pain away. Thanks, buddy!

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jason said...

no worries joe. if i was smarter i would work more on slowing you down, not aide you in beating me.