Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quick Update

Did gym workout Monday, including lunges.

Rode inside on Tuesday with Dan and Scott for two hours, including three 4-minute 53x11 max efforts. Ouch.

Did a gym workout today, including a bunch of lunges with weights. More ouch.

Riding outside tomorrow; should be interesting. Lows in the single figures. People have been having problems with rear hubs freezing up.

Supposed to ride outside on Saturday. Supposed to be the coldest day in several years. I might have to break out my warm jacket.


amy said...

i've never posted to your blog before joe but i just have to say - on the subject of riding outside's not highly recommended. and i know i'm not your local weather gal but hmmm...i think a kung fu movie while on the elliptical would be rather appropriate.
on the other hand, if you do, i'd like to hear about it.

Joe Partridge said...


Yeah, I decided to ride inside. When the police recommend not driving, I take that to mean that riding is not a good idea.