Sunday, January 14, 2007

Snowcross and Long Rides

Spent Saturday at the KissCross SnowCross race. I think I finished somewhere around 6th place or so in A's. Lots of DNF's, lots of broken bikes. The mud was as thick as any I have ever seen. In some places, there was firm ground under the mud, in some places you could just keep sinking. Overall, it was fun. I mean, the race was a suffer-fest. But hanging out afterword was fun.

Did a little over four hours of dirt roads on the cross bike today. Dan came along. The weather wasn't too bad, although it was getting cold near the end. Crappy weather is supposed to come in tonight, so the amount of outside riding might be about to shrink.

Good week on tap; more running, riding and lifting. If it snows enough, then we get to ski...


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe! I really would have liked to be at Nate's, but some guys I know asked me to go down here (South & N. Carolina for about 5 days and with the weather here (70s)as opposed to home (30s?) I couldn't resist. Bad thing is that I'll be getting home just in time for the coldest weather of the year! Anyway, wish I could have had some chili and some Founders!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe
My number is 616-446-5958 if you are riding and want some company. Hope for more snow so we can ski..

Anonymous said...

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