Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Did two hours on the trainer last night. It was me, Scott and Dan in Scott's basement. Two hours can be a long, boring trainer ride. Not last night, however. We had a sweet Jet Li movie to watch. It was something about a man battling demons from his past. Or maybe he was trying to atone for some family dishonor. I'm not sure, but the fight scenes were top notch; very good for out-of-the-saddle efforts.

My handlebar arrived this week. That means there are now two Jones bars in the family. The pile of happy fun parts for the new bike is growing. No word on the frame; I guess some delays occur ed on the collect-money-from-the-racers side of things. Whatever, I'm just going to keep on training and riding. The frame will get here when it gets here.

Speaking of frames, the 1x9 Quiring will get it's test run tomorrow on the crazy bastard ride. For real this time. It should be nice and chilly, with temps down around 15F for the ride. At least that is what the weather crone says. Which pretty much guarantees that something on the bike will break and I'll end up walking.
Here are a few shots of the bike:

The obligatory side shot:

And the Funky Bar With Shifter shot:

Yes, the photo's suck. Yes, my basement is a mess. I would say this it only looks this way in the winter, but that wouldn't be true.

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Endurosnob said...

The ride looks Sah-Wheat.

I also see we have the same flip-flops. :)