Friday, January 05, 2007

First post of the year

Did an easy spin of the road with the clean 29er on Tuesday.

Hit the dirt roads with the Crazy Bastards yesterday. The rain came on strong on the drive to the start of the ride. I was supposed to ride to the start of the ride, but Nate and Dan decided that an extra 15 miles of wind and rain were more than they wanted, so drive we did.

The ride was muddy but fast, with plenty of opportunities to spit dirt out of my mouth. Because there was no rain in the forecast, I didn't have my clear rain jacket or fender with me. That was a bummer, as I ended the night caked with mud. Dan and Nate both rode singlespeed cross bikes, with Dan riding fixed. I got to enjoy the sound of an expensive drive train wearing itself away with sandy grit. Everyone (with brakes) got to but a few months of wear on rims. Whatever, it was still a good time.

I have to give a quick shout-out to Defeet; I got their arm and leg warmers for Christmas, and they are excellent. The leg warmers kept my lower parts nice and toasty during a wet and windy ride. If they make tights, I'm getting a pair!

Some riding on tap for this weekend; not sure yet about location or distance. I'll have some nice 26" parts for sale next week, so if you know someone in the market for a ti frame, some nice ENO wheels, 26" tires, or perhaps a complete ti singlespeed, let me know.


cjs said...

That's is what we want to see, out with the 26er junk!

Happy New Year!


Endurosnob said...

Yep Yep!!