Saturday, January 20, 2007

Project 1x9 and other stories...

Had a nice ride last Sunday with Dan. We did four hours, I was on my Slingshot and he was on his 1x9 Niner. It was a nice recover from the race on Saturday. Observation: Riding gears for four hours is much easier than riding ss for four hours.

Ran Tuesday, rode with the Crazy Bastards on Thursday. It was cold, but not super cold. I was on my cross bike again, and had a pretty good night. I pushed it a bit on the hills, but only went into overdrive on the last stretch of the evening. Tom Burke took off, and three of us tried to stay with him. Dan was on a fixed Crosscheck, and was riding on 30 hours without sleep. He bailed. I stuck with it a bit longer, but just didn't quite have the juice. I'm not sure who the last rider was, but he pulled in a bit after me. Anyway, it was a good ride. My fitness is coming along nicely.

Today I turned the Quiring into a 1x9. I figured I might as well give it a try, since I had Scott put cable stops and the paragon dropout with the hanger. My old Sram 9.0sl twist shifter is perched on the front extension of my Jones HBar, mated to my old 9.0sl mech and cassette out back. These parts have not been used since around 2003; I had to knock the dust and crud off them. I am using the Velocity wheels and Kenda cross tires I won at the last KissCross race; the hardest part of the installation was getting the front disk to quite rubbing. It should take me about 10 minutes to switch back to ss, and 15 minutes to convert to 1x9 now that I know the process. The ENO crank is not the best bet for 1x9, since you can't run a bash guard. I have a jumpstop on the inside, and my brief test ride went well. I will put some miles on this set-up tomorrow, and if all goes well I'll ride it on Thursday with the bastards.

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