Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Seems the weather has put a bit of a wrench into my riding plans.

Yesterday was the singlespeed nation ride. Five people showed up; Dan, Nate, Me, Tim, and Tim's Friend. Several people show could have been there decided it was too cold. You know who you are, Chambers Family.

It was very cold, with a very cold north wind. Things were unpleasant riding on the road. Once we got to the singletrack, however, things were fine. I ended up taking off my goretex jacket because I was too warm. We ended up with about two hours of riding.

Dan ripped the chainring bolts out of his chainring and had to walk back to the shop. He claims it was the fault of alloy chainring bolts and very cold weather. I choose to blame it on his massively over-developed thighs. He looks like those Polish speedskaters that you might see at the olympics!

I spent half the ride staring up at the sky, wondering how I ended up on my back. Yes, there was some ice on the road. I lost it three times due to ice, and once or twice on the trail. I usually don't crash that much, but I just couldn't keep the rubber side down yesterday.

The new parts of WI worked great! Plenty of drag in the new freewheel, but that is to be expected. The cranks and chainring worked great. Very stiff. I have to decide if I want to replace the cranks on the main bike as well.

Today I was supposed to ride the KissCross Allycat race. It was canceled. Dan and I were gonna ride anyway. I headed down to the start point, but no Dan ever showed up. Shame on you, Dan. In Dan's defense, it was very poor riding conditions. It was ten degrees warmer than yesterday, but the wind was stronger and there was quite a bit more snow. It greatly reduced visibility and did a good job of hiding the ice. I rode for an hour, and plan to ride a bit more on the trainer later.

I am still looking forward to the ride tomorrow. It is my long ride for the week, so I hope people show up to keep me company! Several endurance riders are supposed to show up. Unless they wimp out! A report will follow.


Danielle said...

There's only one Chambers that wimped out of the SSN ride. I had to work so I didn't have a choice:-)

Joe Partridge said...


OK, you get a pass. I guess Scott was ironing his skirt instead of riding... :)