Saturday, February 11, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Did a nice six hour ride today. I was inside, because I just didn't feel like dealing with the cold. Turns out that it got fairly warm out, and there was some sun. Now I wish I'd have ventured out...

Riding inside let me watch a dvd that Becky borrowed from a coworker. Called "Hell on Wheels", it is a documentary about the 2003 Tour de France. Becky and I were in France for that tour, so I was hoping for some footage of us on Tourmalet. No such luck. It was still fun to watch. It was shot by a German film crew, and the main subjects were the members of T-mobile. I think Lance was only in the frame for less than 5 minutes of the 2-hour show. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff. Perhaps one too many shots of Zabel getting a rubdown with nothing but a towel over his junk, but what are you gonna do? The man needs his rub-down...

Some bad news; I won't be going down for Razorback after all. My ride situation broke down last week, and I'm just not interested in making the trip solo. That does free up a day of vacation to use later in the year, and I don't mind spending all the money for what would have been in essence a long training ride. Still, I feel like I am in pretty good shape for this time of the season, and I think I could have done well. Maybe next year.

Back to normal training this week. The legs and lungs felt good today. The weather is returning to normal, so I fear that my rides outside will be somewhat limited, at least in duration. I hate having my food freeze. Perhaps this is a good time to experiment with more solid food?

Also, I should get my built wheel shop this week. I need to make sure I have a gear combo that involves minimal rotation of the eccentric on the WI eno disk hub, as I want to run rear disks without using the eccentric adaptor. Time will tell. I also plan to install the eno cranks this week. If all goes well, I will use the spare bike for the outdoor ride next weekend. Perhaps I will even post some pics!


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