Friday, September 15, 2006

What's up?

No ride on Tuesday; it was wet and cold, people had to work late, and [insert excuse here].

Scott, Dan and I rode MTB's last night. We rode a bunch of trails around Egypt Valley State Game Area. Most of these trails were new to me, and it got dark just as we got to the tricky stuff. Lots of under-used trails with logs, short and steep hills, off-camber high-speed stuff; fun to ride, but I was perhaps a bit over-geared. This will become a weekly ride.

First cross race of the season is Sunday. I still don't have a cross bike, so I will either skip this one or use the MTB. Next weekend is the Triple Trail Challenge, a ride on the east side of the state. This will involve tents, cook-fires and lots of hard riding. Good Stuff! Perhaps I will bring...a camera?

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