Sunday, September 24, 2006

Park to Park

We bailed on the Tripple Trail Challenge, as the weather was sketchy and it was unclear if the ride would be held at all. So we decided to go ride the North County Trail instead.

The North Country Trail ride was called off due Bummer.

Instead, Dan Jansen and I did a four+ hour cross bike ride. I borrowed his cross-check. It was a good ride, which we dubbed the "Park to Park Epic Ride". We rode from Riverside Park to Richmond Park to Nate's house to ride his mini-cross course. We picked up Nate and rode to John Ball Park and hiked up the uber-hill. We then jotted over to Highland Park to reprise last week's cross race. After that it was over to Manhattan Park to prep for the next Kiss Cross ride after a quick tour around Reed's Lake.

Good Times.

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