Sunday, September 17, 2006

All Crossed up at Kiss Cross

Today was the first real cross race of the season. I had my singlespeed set up with 1.7 tires, but Jason Mead set me up with his Jake the Snake while he rode his DDX. This was my second ride on a real cross bike, and my first race on a real cross bike.

I did less well than I would have liked. I did the 'A' race, and had no intention of running with the lead group. There were some real fast guys at this race, and even some of the fast locals ended up getting lapped. The Snake was a fun bike to ride, but I really need to get my own bike. The reach was a bit short, the wheels a bit heavy, but what the heck; it's somebody's backup bike. I was glad for the opportunity to ride it. I finished near the back of the pack.

Lots of riding this week. Cross training on Tuesday, super-secret trail riding on Thursday. Triple Trail Challenge on Saturday, with some Poto riding Friday and Sunday. Got to get in shape for Iceman...

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cjs said...


Are you racing SS at Iceman?


Chad Schut