Friday, September 01, 2006

People need to chill...

This is just...silly.

First, the 'Snob is a stand-up guy.

Second, anyone that races endurance events knows that you can't race a frame that is damaged. After training for months and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to do a race, you have to have perfect faith in your equipment. Suggesting that someone ride the frame until it breaks shows a lack of understanding regarding what goes into getting ready for and completing an endurance race.

Third, if the frame shipped out of alignment, then Niner needs to make it right. If the frame was knocked out of alignment during less than a year of normal use, I would argue that Niner needs to make that right as well. You may disagree, and that is fine. I guess I hold companies that I respect to a higher standard.

Finally, it is my guess is that Niner is going to take care of the 'Snob. I believe that that are a company that stands behind their product.

Just my $.02.

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Cornbread said...

Nicely said.

Thanks for presenting your point so elegantly.