Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Training

I skipped the Tuesday cross ride. I had a meeting that I had been trying to set up for a month, and the only time the other person could meet was 5 PM on Tuesday. I did make it over to Nate's to help him and Dan assemble Nate's new singlespeed. Good times...

Last night was the Thursday Night secret trail ride. Scott, Nate, me and a new guy named Joe threw the hammer down a bit. Nate and I were on singlespeeds (with big Iceman gears) and the other two riders were on geared bikes. The new guy had a pretty weak light, and had lost his mtb shoes (!) and was riding with road shoes and pedals (!!). The secret trails have quite a few spots where it is necessary to dab or run up loose, sandy hills. Needless to say, he had troubles with equipment. However, he seemed like a strong rider and kept a good attitude threw it all.

The ride as about two hours. I don't know if the ride was slower or if I was faster, but I was able to hang pretty well. Last week I was shelled out the back and had a rough night.

Today I took the day off work to do some errands and pack for the trip to Poto for the Triple Trail challenge. Dan and I (and maybe the new guy Joe) will head over there this afternoon for a quick preride tonight. Then we will hammer the 50 miles tomorrow, hang out for the party, and then get a quick ride in Sunday morning as well. There has also been some talk about a night ride.

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