Thursday, April 05, 2007

What is love?

Rode cross bikes on Tuesday. Three of us; Nate, Shawn (or is it Shaun? or Sean?) and I did around two hours. The weather had been bad all day, but it stayed warm and dry for the ride. Drove home in the rain, but didn't ride in it. Good times.

Rode on the trainer tonight, since we have February weather here right now. I've got sunburn from Arkansas, so you know I'm not going back out in the cold.

I picked up some fairly nasty poison ivy in Arkansas. It's on my right wrist and forearm, right where my hand would like to rest while typing. Sucks.

Swapped out Arkansas tires for Tennessee tires. Looking forward to the next race, and no mental mistakes. It would be nice if the new frame, fork and wheels were here for Cohutta. But the bike I have got the job done in Arkansas so I can't really complain.

Speaking of Arkansas, calculations from the GPS indicate that I would have done just fine without the "long cut". Did I mention no more mental mistakes?


Steve Kinley said...

What tires are you using for Cohutta?

Joe Partridge said...

Fastrack front, nano rear. Running both with tubes, but if my new wheels get here (Stan's rims) then I might Stan's them up, at least the front...