Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Did the team ride on Tuesday. It was out last ride on cyclocross bikes and dirt roads. A large group turned out, including Scott, Nate, Dan, Shawn, Jason, Barry, Rick and me. We did the same route as last week, which includes some decent climbing and rough dirt roads. We also completed a lap at Bass River.

I felt pretty crappy. I didn't spin my legs out after Cohutta, and I have a bit of sore throat/funky mucous in my nose and throat. I think it is more Cohutta dust/allergies than sick/cold. Not that it maters; the effect is about the same: Sub-par performance. I was able to hang in for a few of the breaks, but had to play catch-up for a few as well. And let me tell you, if Nate, Dan and Scott get into a break, Shawn, Barry and I are not gonna catch 'em!

Trans-Iowa is this weekend. I'm sad that I won't be at the start line; I love that race. It looks like the roads will be wet at the start, but maybe they will have some sun during the race. I wish all of the racers the best of luck! I will be following the race on the net all weekend. I'd be there myself except that my wife is graduating from her MBA program this weekend. Family trumps bike, even for me!

I'll ride tonight, maybe on the trainer with the rain that is forecast. I'd like to get some road miles in this weekend as well.

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Danielle said...


I think that Scott and I are planning on doing some rides this weekend too. Give us a call. My legs still feel dead from Cohutta too. I can ride, I just can't go very fast!