Saturday, April 14, 2007

1st Centrury of the Year

It's hard to believe, but today was my first century of the year. I did so many long rides over the winter getting ready for TI the last two years that I had a half-dozen 100-milers under my belt by this time. By no TI and no DK for me this year, so I had more time to ramp up.

And you know what? I've never been stronger. Go figure.

I rode the DD-X with fancy new Small Block 8 tires, like so:

So, you've heard the rumors; those tires are fast! And I have to say, I have not spent enough time talking about my DDX. That bike is awesome! It is super-light, has a very plush ride and just plain makes me feel fast. I'm gonna go ahead and add them to the "Stuff I'd buy again" link. I think I'd talk more about it if I didn't suck so bad at cross racing.
So the weirdest thing happened on my ride today. Just before the 50-mile mark, I rode past a field that had a bunch of cows in it. One cow in particular was right up next to the fence. I saw that cow and though "Man, that is one *fat* cow..." and kept riding. After I hit 50 and turned around, I came upon that same cow, only now she wasn't quite as fat and she had a little baby cow underneath her! That cow dropped a calf in the 20 minutes I had been gone. And I mean just dropped; there was still all kind of the stuff that comes along when a baby cow is born hanging out the momma cow. Yeah, circle of life and all that, but it was nasty! Anyway, you see some crazy stuff out on a bike.
Here is the route, for those of you playing along at home:


alexdolpp said...

Woah, that cow story was funny!

Just imagine that would happen to all the people you see where you think "man, that is on *fat* person..." - there would be way too many people in this world.

Paddy Humenny said...

whoa! nice ride, even if it does have gears...

Joe Partridge said...

Yeah, gears. I don't like them on the dirt, but on the road I don't mind them. I've seen a DDX set up ss with an eno hub, so you never know what the future might hold.