Thursday, April 13, 2006

Secret Weapon

My TI secret weapon arrived today. The package was held up in customs, but it arrived in one piece. I guess Homeland Security must have wanted to take a look at it. I will give it a test run on Saturday, but I am very confident that it will work exactly as I anticipate.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid...

On a lighter note, I got in a couple hours of easy riding today with four nice climbing intervals thrown in for fun. I ran the bike with TI gearing and TI pressure in the tires. It is very tempting to put a harder gear on the bike, but I will resist. I *must* resist. I remember those hills at the end of the course. I was cursing Jeff Kerkove for the last 30 miles last year. Seriously, I was out-loud, all-the-world-can-hear swearing at that guy. This year, I will curse Guitar Ted. I don't want to play favorites.


Paul said...

That is Hilarious!

I am sure it wasn't at the time though!

I look forward to meeting you in Hawarden!

Endurosnob said...

At least you are spreading it around!! Classic comment. :)

dallas said...

Soon my friend I to will be yelling at GT at the top of my lungs.I have reread all the write ups and I'm pretty much expecting to ride by myself (due to being dumped) and running the mp3 player non stop.
See ya soon.