Saturday, April 22, 2006

It must be Spring...

Because people are busy riding and not blogging.

I had a good week on the bike. The team ride on Tuesday was fast. I think we were on track to have the fastest average speed that I can recall, but then a series of mechanicals slowed us down. However, I still had a good ride.

The rest of the week was easy riding. Tomorrow I will do the Yankee Springs TT. That is the last hard riding before Transiowa. The rest of the week is very easy spinning, drinking lots of water, sleeping and packing. Oh, and watching the weather!

Unfortunately, I was a bit distracted from my training this week. On Thursday I found out that my position at work will be eliminated due to budget cuts! As it stands, my last day will be June 30. Many things can happen between then and now, but it still creates a substantial distraction from my training. Without a job, many of my races will be in jeopardy. I am on for TI and Dirty Kanza, but Big Bear is a question-mark at this point.

Anyway, I need to keep my focus on Iowa right now. That is not a race that forgives mistakes!


Endurosnob said...

Sorry to hear about your gig, Joe. Best of luck in finding something else.

Steve Kinley said...

That's too ba about the job situation. Unfortunately it is becoming more common around here. Hope something turns up and good luck at TI.

Danielle said...

So how did the TT go? No results are posted yet. Come on, update!

I'm changing some races too. We should compare schedules.

gdavis_ii said...

Joe, There is a P.E.M. waiting for you in Detroit.

gdavis_ii said...

Hey there Joe, know any good PEM's in Detroit?

Paul said...


I am sorry to hear about your job. I am sure you have other worries in life besides trying to find a new job. I wish you luck in your pursuit and I am confident that you will find a job that is even more satisfying than the job you are leaving.

Good luck during Trans Iowa. It looks like the weather will cooperate!