Tuesday, April 04, 2006

First Team Ride of 2006

A nice group turned out for a cool, er, *cold* two-hour ride to kick off the Tuesday Night Ride for 2006. We got in just under two hours. There were some decent climbs, where I got to look at everyone's backside. There were some sprints, where I got to show my backside to a few people. Of course, Dan rocked the hiz-ouse, even though he had put in six hours before the team ride started. And he was riding a singlespeed. That guy is sick.

The legs felt good. The heart and lungs were good. I think my form is coming around. I'll be at the Poto this weekend, and that will be a good test as well.

The Magura brakes came in today! I'm looking forward to getting them installed. Might be awhile, since I plan to be riding the bikes and not messing with them.

So things are coming together. If only it would get a little warmer...


Danielle said...

I was hoping that you and Becky would be at Little Mexico. The servers were funny. They were like "we expect you every summer now."

Joe Partridge said...

Yeah, I hated to miss LM. But Becky had made this this super dish for dinner; chicken paprikash. I guess she forgot I had a team ride.

I won't miss any more trips to LM; it is a high point of the week! Now, if only they served Founder's... :)