Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Poto

Dan, Scott, and I did three laps out at the Poto yesterday. That's 56 miles of rail riding in about 4.5 hours. Dan wanted to do another lap, even though he hadn't slept the night before and his bike was falling apart. Scott wanted to get home to his wife. I was pretty darn tired and was having some wrist soreness issues. We packed it in after three laps and had some recovery drink.

My bike worked great! I ran my TI gear, which is 38x17. The rear hub stayed tight, the chainring bolts didn't budge. The new stem did what it was supposed to do: stayed put. I ran a 2.0 Blue Groove tire on the front. Not going to do that again! It worked well: good directional stability in the sand, hooked up on the mud and on the loose and didn't flat. However, it sent way too much trail chatter into my wrists. Looks like I will be remounting the WTB Mutanoraptor 2.4. I just keep coming back to that tire for longer trail rides. The Kenda Karma 2.0 in the rear worked great.

Forgot the pack the camera, so no pictures. I don't think pictures of Dan's and Scott's backsides would be all the interesting anyway... :)


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