Saturday, December 17, 2005

What a fine, fine day!

I did a nice 4-hour ride this morning. I was on the bike at 9:30 AM and safely back home at 1:45 PM. I had a light tailwind on the way out, which made for a very relaxing start. Of course, that meant that the ride home was a bit more energetic!

It was important that I was home before 2 PM, because that is when registration opened for Trans-Iowa V.2. My sense from the reading the internet boards was that this race would fill up fast. And so it was. The race is now filled; it took something less than 4 hours to fill all 70 spots.

I had a moment of rage this morning when I checked the boards and found that some people were able to register for the race last night because of a screw-up at Jeff Kerkove, the race promoter, slammed that door pretty quick. Near as I can tell, the rest of registration went smoothly.

Anyway, back to the ride. It was cold, about 24F, or around 16F with windchill. I was very comfortable, both with the temperature and the effort. My feet got cold, but I am slowly working out how to keep them warm. I didn't really have any problems for the first three hours or so. Since my longest training ride will only be six hours this year, I think I can make sufficient adjustments to keep the toes warm that long. Some slightly warmer weather would also be welcome...

So, I got in a good training ride, and I got registered for my first big race of the year. All in all, a pretty good day.



Anonymous said...
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Paddy Humenny said...


glad to see I'm not the only one going back to Iowa. Take it easy, and keep your feet warm!

Patrick Humenny

Jeff Kerkove said...

Glad to have ya coming back!

The registration was a ball up of epic proportions! I am glad only a few got in. The way registration slowed down after the first 30 minutes I saw that it was not going to be a problem.

See ya in Hawarden.

...and I will be riding along this year again. Hopefully the whole way this time.

alexdolpp said...

Good luck with the training for Iowa, and let's stay in touch about Florida.


Joe Partridge said...

Thanks for the comments!

Patrick, I look forward to drafting off you all the way to the finish.

Jeff, even though I swore I would never set foot in Iowa again, I am excited about TI V.2.

Alex, we will stay in touch about Florida. I'll send you a note after the first of the year.


Paddy Humenny said...

it'll be nice to have someone to talk to ;)