Saturday, December 03, 2005


Rode for an hour on Friday. Rode for three hours today.

Today's ride was supposed to be three hours outside. It was cold this morning, around 23F. However, there was some sunshine and the winds were manageable.

I was running a bit late getting my gear together, but I was ready to ride by 9:30 AM. I was checking the the air in the tires and realized that I had a flat in the rear! This sucks, as I was already 30 minutes behind scheldule.

As an endurance ride, I should have been able to switch to my backup bike. Unfortunatly, my backup bike is in pieces in the workshop. Grrrrrr....

I decided to cut my losses and ride inside today. That means I did three hours on the trainer. Not a fun way to spend the morning.

At least my legs felt good, and I was able to keep the heart rate in the proper zone.

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