Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Team Ride

A huge group turned out for the team ride yesterday. We enjoyed a shortish ride. The pace overall was moderate, but there were a few times when the hammer did drop. Super-famous roadie Mark Hekman made an appearance. After the ride we hit Little Mexico and then back to Nate's place for a few beers. Since almost everyone had the day off, we stayed out a bit later than usual. Good times.

No riding today in honor of out forefathers and the birth of out great nation. Back on the mtb tomorrow to test some position changes and think about the Marathon race this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bro! It's your little brother Timmay! Hope Becky is doing better. But really, you went to a police concert? I really can't say much, I have seen RUSH more than 12 times. Give me a call, we have to go golfing.