Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Updates

Becky is doing better. She got the last of the stitches out today, and her face is looking much better. She is starting to get up and around more, and I suspect she will be ready to get back to work on Monday. Got the report on her bike; $640 to get it back to pre-crash condition. Now the wrestling with the drivers' insurance company can begin...

Did the team ride yesterday. It was a good one; fast, hot weather and lots of attacking! There was a fairly large group, and everyone got a workout. The crazy weather prevented the GPS from acquiring any satellites, so I don't have details. All I know is it was crazy fast.

MTB tomorrow and I need to figure out what to do for the weekend. Next weekend I'll be out of town and the following weekend is 9 Mile--time to get busy planning!


PaddyH said...

good to hear your girl is doing ok....see ya in a couple of weeks.

Joe Partridge said...

Hey Paddy! Thanks for the note. See you at 9 Mile.