Monday, July 09, 2007

Rider update and Ride update

Becky is doing better today. She got two of the four stitches removed from her chin, and her skin is healing up nicely. The concussion has some lingering effects, but I predict a full recovery.

Even with all the drama, I was able to get two long rides in this weekend. I did 100 miles the hard way on Saturday; solo, single-speed, and self-supported. In the heat as a bonus. Becky's mom was in town, so I rode for all I was worth. Pretty much confirmed my setup for 9 Mile.

Sunday I did the Taco Ride 2.0 with Jason, Ralph, Shawn, and Chip. It was 80 miles on the road bike at a fairly slow pace. The heat was hot, and the humidity was nasty. I flatted, but Ralph came through with the old-skool frame pump. Lots of miles, but the legs still feel pretty good today.

The rest of the week is pretty much old news; good rides on Tuesday and Thursday with active recovery in between. Should get the damage estimate on Becky's bike tomorrow, and maybe a plastic surgery consult near the end of the week.

Good times? Could be worse.

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