Friday, February 23, 2007

the b to the i to the k to the e

Did a nice ride with the Crazy Bastards last night. It was a bit chilly, but nothing like recent cold-weather epics. The warmer weather resulted in a longer ride; we were out for around 2.5 hours. Roads were mostly in good condition, with a few soft spots here and there to keep things interesting.

Planning a 100 miler for tomorrow:

At least one other fool seems game, so I won't have to spend the whole time talking to myself. The weather will be the x-factor: if it gets just a bit warmer than predicted and the snow holds off, this will be a nice ride. If it gets just a bit colder than predicted and/or the snow comes early, this could get interesting. Whatever, it beats working around the house... :)

In other news: Got my confirmation from Barbara at the Cohutta 100; approved the drawing for my new bike from the new bike sponsor; and ordered a shim for Jones HBar #2. Good times...


alexdolpp said...

Same plan here for tomorrow. Have fun!

Steve Kinley said...

I think Barb must have spent the day sending out confirmations. Got mine as well.