Monday, March 20, 2006

Epic Day 3

Compared to Day 1 and Day2, Day 3 was pretty calm. I rained overnight, so we expected that the trails would be a bit damp. They were, but not bad enough to cause problems. Day 3 was the Day of Flats, as we suffered a total of three of them. We rode the big loop twice, and everything else at least once, if memory serves. We saw a few more riders on the trail and in the parking lot, but it was never an inconvenience.

The weather held out all day. Sunshine and light winds made for a very pleasant experience. My legs were very cooked, and I ended up riding slowly up nearly all the hills. Nate and Dan were still putting it down pretty good, and they had the class to nate make me feel too bad about bringing up the rear.

We did between 6 and 7 hours that day. I didn't ride the last short loop, and I drove the car back to the lodge while the guys rode back from the trailhead.

All in all, it was a great trip! If you get a chance, head on out to Syllamo Trail. Bring some spare tubes, a rain jacket, and some beefy tires and you will have a good time!

The rest of my pictures will follow. I hope to have a few pictures from Dan soon as well.

Nate and Dan finish the ride.

Nate looks like he could do another 7 hours!

Dan looks like he's had enough. I never thought I'd see the day... :)

My backup bike, ready for a few days rest.


amy said...

whew... i was not enjoying the wait for the final details! seriously i read in awe everytime! (missed you saturday night)

Joe Partridge said...

Yeah, we were both pretty beat. We were in bed by 10:15 PM on Saturday... :(

JB said...

Grear writeups. Really enjoyed them

I love roadtrips

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