Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Easy Week

Not much to report for this week. I spent last weekend cleaning and repairing my bikes after the AR trip. I had to order a few new parts, get wheels trued, etc. The main bike is ready to go; I gave it a test-ride last night. The back-up should be ready to go by Friday when the last of the new parts get here.

With my MTB's in a state of disrepair, I took my road bike out several times. What a difference! It is light, has skinny tires, and gears. Hardly a challenge at all! I guess that is why they call it recovery.

I did a 5k last Friday. I haven't run much this winter, so I guess 22:30 isn't horrible. Of course, I was sore for two days after...

I plan to do a night training ride the Friday. Six hours, 6pm to midnight. I am leaving for a day trip to Chicago early Saturday afternoon, so I have to get the miles in when I can. The next few weeks will see me racking up the miles. Gotta be ready for TI!

I'll post some new pics of the bikes when all the pieces get here.

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