Sunday, March 05, 2006

All systems are "go"!

The bikes are ready. The rack is in place. The food has arrived. The clothes are packed and the chains are lubed. I am ready for Arkansas.

I did a two-hour hike on Thursday, but didn't work out Friday or Saturday. I was able to get both bikes ready, so I don't feel too much like a slacker.

I test-rode both bikes today. The bikes are set up with 2:1 ratios for the hills of the Ozarks. I tested them over the same course, and to my surprise the bike with the heavier tires and the suspention fork was 2 minutes faster over the 90 minute course.

I plan to ride easy tomorrow and run a bit on Tuesday. I'll be in the car all day on Wednesday. Anybody from the Arkansas area that want to put some miles in at Sylamore this week, drop me a line!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Hills of Arkansas?
That is an under statement.
If you thought Decorah area on T.I. was hilly, wait till you saddle up in the Ozark Mountains.

Dallas Sigurdur said...

Have a greta ride and I expext a report ( with photos man).
Dallas Sigurdur