Thursday, June 26, 2008

News Flash - I've got my eye on you...

1. I bought my airline ticket for 9 Mile today. The die has been cast.

2. I did an all-michigan MTB ride tonight. Me, Bernie, Jeff Palma, and Nate from the Hellriders. We rode Scapoose. Then we feasted on Mexican food. Good Times!

3. I broke down and ordered a cheap road frame to replace the Airborne that was cracked at the Mississippi Crit. Mt. Tabor must be Dominated!


Dan Frayer said...

i miss jeff palma


angry buddhist said...

i miss sponge baths...will be sorry to miss the michigan scene at 9 mile this year. I hope you top the podium, just no f-in margarita stops this year man...we were sorta concerned. Mostly pissed cause we like margaritas too.

jill said...

i'm doing an all michigan ride tomorrow! just me and juli v.

my next all michigan ride will be in 2 weeks. in michigan!! Sorry, i'll miss the breck 100.

good luck at the race. be prepared to climb. a lot.

and remember, oxygen is overrated!