Thursday, June 19, 2008


1. Lost the roller thingy for the DD-X that allows it to run a front shifter. Can't put gears on that sucker without it.

2. Managed to bend the alloy hanger on the road frame back into shape. (Yes, I know that is not smart; read on, it doesn't matter...)

3. During cleaning of said road frame, noticed that the frame is *cracked* at the seat stay - seat tube junction!

4. Camera seems to be broken, so I can't even take picture of said frame in lame bid for sympathy.

This seems like a good time to get back to mountain biking...


Anonymous said...

At least you still got harry legs man. Thats better than I can say for some of your former teamates.


angry buddhist said...
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angry buddhist said...

the roller is $5 from most shops. betting you can find it right on the shelf based on your living spot.

had to delete the other comment due to poor spelling