Friday, June 06, 2008

Bunch o' stuff for sale...

The time has come to clean out the spare parts bin! This stuff is all going on craigslist/ebay/mtbr next week, so if you want something speak now or pay 20% more later...

Airborne ti frame, used/scuffed/ridden hard but still straight and serviceable. Rim brake only. $200

Boone ti chainring for White Industries ENO crank, used but very good condition; $65

Brand New ENO Cranks; 175mm, no chainring, never used: $140

Used Eno Cranks; 175mm, used and scuffed but still work great, includes used but servicable 34t chainring: $100

New Eno Chainring, 44t, mounted and chain installed but never pedaled, silver: $20

New Eno Chainring, 34t, silver: $20

New Eno Chainring, 32t, green, $20

Phil Wood ti BB, 124mm, +5mm offset, 2 installation tools, and 2 alloy english-threaded mounting rings (i.e. everything you need to install this sucker...) I installed it once but never pedaled with it. It is in brand-new condition. $125

FSA Carbon Pro Crank Arms (no rings), 175mm, ISIS splined, 110 BDC, used and scuffed but working fine: $50

Thomson Elite x4 stem, silver, 10 degree x 130mm, used with a few cosmetic scrapes but fully-functional: $40

Thomson Elite x2 stem, black, 17 degree x 130mm, used with one small scratch (10mm) otherwise like new: $50

29er Wheelset; shimano 535 hubs laced Sun Equilizer rims. Six-bolt disk only, no rim brake. With cassette, skewers, and Maxis Ignitor tires installed. These are brand-new take-off wheels from a Kona Hei-Hei 29er; they still have that little plastic thing behind the cassette. Heavy, but good for winter/back-up use. $100. I really don't want to ship these...

I think that's it. If you think I'm off-base on a price, let me know and we can work something out. You pay whatever actual shipping cost turns out to be. I have pictures of most of this stuff that I will send on request.

Buy this stuff and help fund the rest of my season! :)


PaddyH said...


just wonderin about a few things: r you driving to 9 mile? and or doing Canmore? email me @ cptnpwdrATyahooDOTcom...

oh ya, and is you Airborne vert or hor dropouts??

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the Eno Crank Arms and the Green Chainring?
Please email me at

willymcd said...

i'm interested in a set of those eno cranks? you still have them?

Also you have any suggestions for going 1X9?


willymcd said...

actually i am also interested in the FSA crank, is that a double or tripple ring? Is the phillwoods BB square or isis?

Anonymous said...

Looking for Eno cranks and a 44t chainring if you still got them.
Please email: said...

Hi, please email me at regarding the bottom bracket, boone chainring and the eno 32T availability. - Will

jtomerlin said...

Any chance the 32T chainring is a 5 bolt?


Ken said...

Joe, contact me when you get the chance. Ken in portland (kennyr73 @

29er Rider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
29er Rider said...

plse email me re eno crank, bb if for eno, 34 t chaninring, and the boone it 34 t.

Scott said...

I'm looking for ENO cranks with a chainring for fixed gear 16 T rear cog, if you still have one.

Thanks, Scott

ryanmgotch said...

do you still have the 44t eno chainring??

Anonymous said...

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