Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a crazy week...

So I went for a ride Wednesday with the yakima boys. Or at least a few of them. Anyway, as we were getting ready to head out I was stretching an had a weird cramp in the lower abdominal area. "That's funny..." I thought as we rode off into the night.

It was a good ride. I felt just slightly off; the hills were a bit harder than last time and I missed several switchbacks that I have been cleaning as of late. Anyway, a solid two hours of riding; good times! I went home, ate, and hit the sack.

I slept like crap; kept waking up for no apparent reason.

Woke up Thursday with the worst stomach cramps ever. I could hardly stand up straight. I had a full day of meetings and I needed to wear a suit and tie. Awsome! Nothing like a leather squeezing my gut and some silk trying to choke me to make the cramps even better.

I had to leave the first meeting early becuase I was so uncomfortable. I went back to my apartment and had a quick nap. I had no appatite, so no food for lunch. Went out for the second meeting; more of the same. The cramps were in full effect, and I was starting to get shaky and sweaty. Not good. I went straght home after that.

Got home around 3pm. Sat on couch, passed out cold until 7pm. Woke up, not hungary but had a bite of food, and right back to sleep untill 10PM. What the heck? Off to bed after that.

Slept like a baby all night. Woke up Friday with junior-sized cramps. Not bad if I didn't move around too much, but still painful to stand up straight and not much fun to walk around. I had meetings out of town that I cancled. Went in to the office for half a day. Back home, take it easy, and to bed on time. Me and WebMD were thinking appendicitis at this point.

Anyway, woke up today feeling much better. I was actually hungry! Still have very minor cramps/twinges, but otherwise feel ok. I went out for a short spin on the road bike, and finished work on converting the DDX to a fixie.

Tomorrow should be interesting: 52 miles of road racing. I didn't feel great on the bike today; hopefully tomorrow will be better. I don't have great expectations.

For the record; the legs are and will remain as hairy as the back end of a llama.

Look for a race report soon.

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