Friday, February 08, 2008

Quick Little Update

It's been a slow couple of weeks on the bike. Lots of rides cancled, lots of bad weather.

The Wednesday ride was cancled this week. I did the Thursday ride last night. The weather was somewhat warm, maybe in the high 40's at start. We did the normal stuff up in Forrest Park. The ride up Leif was very fast; perhaps the fastest to date? Pretty fast, in any case.

Continental 29er Mountain King 2.4 tire review: This was my second ride on these tires. They were recommended as a great Oregon mud tire. I was running a Nevegal 2.4 up front and and a Karma 2.2 out back prior to the Conti's.

The tires performed as advertised; tons of grip in the mud. I ran them tubed at about 30 psi front and rear. They feel stiffer than the Kenda's, but were very confidence-inspiring in the high-speed turns on Leif. They held up to the mud on FL 5 very well. They were a little bouncy on the rocks, but I think they could be run at a slightly lower pressure and some of that would go away. Or, you know, I could put the Reba on and not worry about it! Also, they did not pack up with mud. Things were quite goopy on FL5 and I noticed no extraneous mud build-up.

Survey says: Pick up a pair! I think they would work at least as well as the Ignitor in Michigan, and I suspect they would make a fine Arkansas tire as well. I'm not sure about the weight, but I think they are lighter than the Kenda's noted above. And as a bonus I picked them up for $25 each.

Busy weekend. XC skiing Saturday AM, NAHBA Saturday PM, some sort of ride Sunday.

Oh, and my trainer should be here today. Be afraid. Be very afraid...


jason said...

forget the trainer. take a vacation to my crib in AZ. five minute bike ride from the trailhead. Its a one mile climb to the heavens. and bring the shock.

Joe Partridge said...

You bastard! Don't tempt me; I'm gonna look up google maps as soon as i log off... :)

jason said...

mi casa su casa. its a bad ass riding heaven here. just don not touch the plants they all want to kill you:)

anytime man. I travel alot and my roomate is super cool so if you want some secret training you have a crash pad. I am two blocks away from the grocery, a bar, and three blocks from the trailhead. we could even set you up on the rig of your choice road, mountain, super secret proto....

oh well gotta go. i am riding the famed national trail today...from my door.