Sunday, February 03, 2008


2nd Place today. 2nd Place for the series.

I'll take it. :)

Not too much to report, really. Brandon, the guy that won the first race, was strong from the get-go. The guy that came in 2nd last week flatted in the first gravel section. The race kind of slowed down after that; I sat on Brandon's wheel, and he never pushed the pace. A group of four of us shook off a few slower riders and stayed together utill the last lap. Branon put in one hard effort and got about 50 yards on us. We closed it to 25 yards, but could never get a good draft. The #3 guy passed me with 300 yards to go; not a wise move. I sat on his wheel and went past with 100 yards to go. Hand in the drops, head down, legs like pistons. 2nd Place.

This was a fun series, and I look forward to more racing in and around Portland. :)


Endurosnob said...

Nice work.

Joe Partridge said...

Thanks. Just a brief stroll through the pain cave...