Thursday, January 10, 2008

Speak at me for a minutku...

Rode bike. Rode singletrack.
Rode singletrack in the dark, and in the fog.
There was mud. Oh, yes. There was mud.

A great time was had; new people were met. Plans were made. Next Thursday? Yep.

Oh, did I mention the mexican food? Torpedo Burrito! Subed in the IPA for the Dos Equis, and only a pint at that. But you gotta start somewhere.

Brings back some good memories, except instead of being the quiet guy for two years, I just started in with the shit-talking right from the get-go.

Seemed to work out ok.


farmernate said...

hello joe,
the sun was shining there, but not
here, in the farmers backyard!
this is our first comment back,
but not the last.
but nate hears billy goats!!!!!

SD said...

The Farmer on the interweb?