Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I just got back from Michigan. 9 days, 1 bike ride, 1 run. Weak.

The ride was a good one, however. Me and the Farmer on cross bikes. We were out for about two hours. It started snowing about 30 minutes into the ride. Not great for my vision, but it was still a good time. It was nice to chat with the Farmer again!

I don't plan to return to Michigan any time soon, and if I do go back I don't plan to spend much time there. Vacation days are limited, and I want to see some west coast places. To that end, I registered for SSWC08 this morning. Or at least tried to register; I sent in my e-mail two hours after registration opened. Hopefully there was still a spot left for me.

Back to riding and working out this week. Running, the gym, and some actual time on the bike are on tap. It's time to get muddy!


Laura said...

I sent my registration for SSWC in a few seconds after it openned. Hopefully we'll both get in. So how's the mountain biking scene out there? I just sent my resume' to a Lab in Salem. I'm nervous about moving, but would feel better if I knew where I was going had good biking.

Joe Partridge said...


Salem is not so good for the biking. Portland is better; Bend is MUCH better. I have to be honest; I've not heard great things about Salem. People here talk about it in the same way people in GR talk about Lansing; that is to say, many people think it is kind of a $hithole.

That aside, best of luck with both the SSWC and the job. If you end up moving out this way, I can give you some tips/advice.