Sunday, January 20, 2008


I did the first of the Vanport Kermesse races this morning. It was a good time, but I learned an important lesson: know how many laps you are racing!
Long story short: There were seven people racing in the singlespeed class. Three guys were from one team. One guy broke away after two laps. I was busy watching the teammates and didn't see him go. Even after I saw that he was going, I assumed the team guys would pull him back. Not so-he got away and stayed away.
At the end of the the fourth lap, a few of us were looking at each other and going very slow. I assumed this was the end of the race, who is going to lead out nonsense that is so common in road racing. So, I went for it. I felt great, and had a great sprint to the line. Too bad there was one more lap to go.
That's right, I was one lap early! Oh well, live and learn. We played some cat and mouse for the last lap, and I ended up getting nabbed at the end by couple of folks. I ended up 4th. Not great, but not bad either and I had a good time.
There are two more races in this series and I think I will do them both.


cjs said...

What tires did you use? It looks like you used some fat road tires?

Are you in for a trip back to the Lumberjack?


Joe Partridge said...

25c Specialised Roubaix tires; not super-fat but just fat enough.

I'd give the Lumberjack about a 20% chance; it's a great race and I'd love to support it but I don't want to go back to Michigan when there are so many races to race and trails to ride out west...

Danielle said...

Whatever Joe.

Get your butt back to Michigan for the Lumberjack.

Joe Partridge said...

Hey, I said there is a 20% chance... :)

Anonymous said...

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