Friday, June 29, 2007

Easy Week

Did the team ride on Tuesday. There was some pain, mostly due to the heat. A few mechanicals caused us to run a bit late, so no pizza after. I made two small changes to the road bike; I raised the seat about 5 mm and lowered the bars about 10 mm. It was a good change. I think I'll tweak the MTB this weekend along the same lines.

Should be a good weekend for riding. I'm looking at a few hours tomorrow and 100 miles or so on Sunday. My fitness is coming around after the long layoff in Europe. Which is good, since there is a little 24 hour race right around the corner.

Next week should be another good week for riding, at least as long as the weather holds. I have a 40-mile marathon race on the schedule for next Saturday; we'll see how I feel and make a last-minute call on that one. Otherwise all the normal rides will be in full effect. Sometimes dull can be exciting.

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