Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two days, two rides

Went for a nice long ride yesterday with Danielle and Dan. Dan and I were on singlespeeds and Danielle was on her geared MTB. It was a good ride-for the first 3 hours. After that I was about thigh-deep in the hurt locker. Not waist deep, but greater than knee deep for sure. I just plain ran out of gas. I ate enough food and drank enough fluids; I'm blaming my poor performance on being sick and not riding enough in the last few weeks, but who knows for sure. Danielle has a few pictures up on her blog, and Dan took a few that are posted below. Not a bad ride, 75 miles and almost 5000 feet of climbing on a singlespeed mountain bike. Details can be seen here:

Went out for an easy ride today. Ran into Nate, who was riding a singlespeed cross bike...pulling a Burely filled with about 80 pounds of his daughter Kate. We rode for a while, just catching up. I rode Nate's bike up on of the larger hills on the course we took; man, it is no wonder that guy is a killer on the bike. Pulling that burley will make a man out of you for sure.

Bits and pieces are selling on MMBA and MTBR. Act fast if you want a piece of Partridge Cycling History (TM)!

Pics from Yesterday: Ride Start

Dan fixing his seat:
Me, looking like a bucket of crud:


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

I'll have the money for the wheels on Friday-thanks for holding them for me! I repurchased a bike I had 3 years ago from a guy in Houston, they will look sweet on it-I'll have to show you when I'm done. Let me know when and where works for the wheel thing!


Joe Partridge said...


Sounds good. I'll be around all weekend. Will you be stopping by the KissKross AlleyCat this Saturday? If so, we could do the swap then. Otherwise, maybe Sunday evening?