Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Something old, something new

Scott is sporting the new Founder's Ales team kit on out ride tonight. I am on the right, with last year's kit. Notice that I am wearing shorts--it was like 70 degrees when we started the ride at 5:30PM.
We rode for two hours. Dan Jansen of Niner Bikes fame was on the camera. I was on the singlespeed, Dan was on the 1x9 and Scott was on the full-geared 26er. It was a nice ride; I had to spin like a gerbil on crack to keep up with these guys, but everything worked our for the best.

The weather is going to turn to crap tomorrow, so it's back on the trainer for a while. Looks like some decent riding this weekend, and I'll be sporting the new kit by then as well.

A few more pics from the ride:
One of Dan's fancy bikes:

A whole pile of bikes:

Legs of steel:

"I don't know; I woke up and I had these huge eyes, kind of like a bug. Just call me Mr. Bug Eyes..."


Endurosnob said...

Can someone thank Dan for making me not the only guy to run a negative rise stem? I've been catching flack about that for a while now.

Viva La Shorts!!

dallas said...

I've been seeing allot of sexy bikes lately and feel it's time for Paddy to give my rig a makeover.

Dallas " now to ask the wife about the makeover budget." Sigurdur

Joe Partridge said...

Snob: I'll let me know, plus I'll start giving him a hard time about it myself.

Dallas: Good luck with that! I had to loose a job, get a severance check, and find a new job before the new bikes started to attive. Before that it was beg, borrow and steal.

alexdolpp said...

Like the new kit.