Friday, December 15, 2006

Oral Surgeon

Man, that is never a good blog title.

I got a tooth pulled yesterday. Everything went well, but I am going to take the weekend off and let the wound heal a bit before I get back on the bike. I'm a bit pissed at the timing, since it is supposed to be trail-riding weather tomorrow. Dan, Scott, and Danielle (at least) are heading to the Poto tomorrow. I hate to miss it, but I'd rather heal up now so I don't have issues when the training rides get real long.

Now it's off to find some soft food...


Danielle said...

Bummer!! Get better fast!

Endurosnob said...

UGH. I hate anything to with a Dr. poking around in my mouth. Feel better and btw, congrats on the pending new bike situation.